Active Visions is a social service agency providing community based residential and home based supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.   

Active Visions began providing services in 1994 as a result of the Bogard lawsuit. This case represented a marked change in the way Illinois cared for people with developmental disabilities. As opposed to housing individuals in nursing homes with no community access, Illinois began offering some choice.  Individuals could now opt to move into community-based settings (CILA homes) or continue to live in nursing homes and receive active treatment.  

The founders of Active Visions, Cheryl Prins, Theresa Borst and Marilyn Weiss began at the grass roots, working personally with these individuals who chose to receive active treatment.  Operating out of the basement of a home, they worked for years growing the Bogard program, serving over 100 individuals in over 35 different nursing homes throughout the Chicagoland area.  

During this time Cheryl, Theresa and Marilyn had the pleasure of developing a friendship with two married couples, George and Marlene and Jerome and Eva.  Although the four loved participating in the active treatment program, they dreamed of living like everyone else and they wanted out of the institution.  In 1997 their dream came true!  Active Visions purchased their first CILA home and here these two couples lived the remainder of their lives as participating, integrated members of their community.  

Active Vision has since opened over 15 residential homes throughout the Chicagoland area.  We provide 24-hours supports and services in a home environment.  We continue to work closely with individuals and families to develop creative ways to meet the growing needs of the people we serve.

Active Visions expanded yet again in 2002 when we began providing services to individuals in the Home Based program.  We currently serve over 450 families. This program facilitates services and supports to adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in their own home or in their family's home. We strive to provide  person-centered services and support.  We aim to help individuals reach their maximum potential, empowering them to make positive choices for their lives.