Active Visions has started a NEW program for Customized Employment for adults with developmental disabilities.

Customized employment means individualizing the relationship between job seekers and employers in ways that meet the needs of both. 
We work to determine each individual's strengths, needs and interests. We focus not on diagnostic labels or deficits, but on strengths and interests that can translate into valued skills that can be applied in the workplace.

How it works:

1. Our Customized Employment Specialist (CES) will set up 20-30 hours of observation and interviewing with a job seeker and their family and friends. 

This process of "Discovery" generally takes 6-8 weeks and the CES will observe the client in various settings, including at home, during day programming, evening activities, and possibly weekend activities.  

2. The CES then develops an in-depth profile on the job seeker, and arranges a team meeting with the job seeker's family and community supports. Together the team identifies the job seeker's interests, skills and contributions, along with conditions for their ideal work placement. 

3. The CES develops a plan for employment and a visual resume to begin presenting to employers. During this time, we perform site visits with potential employers who have been identified and approved by the job seeker. 

4. When a job seeker is matched with an employer, we work with the employer to create a customized job description based on the company needs and the job seeker's skills. 

5. We continue to support them in becoming trained in the workplace, and provide ongoing supports, as necessary. We will work with the job seeker and their family to problem solve issues such as transportation, needs for adaptive equipment, or assistive technology, etc. 

Please contact Ashley Pett if you are interested in employing an individual with disabilities. We would love to come tour your company and see if we have a job seeker who can be a valuable addition to your workplace. 

The following link is for our Facebook page, to view postings of current job seekers.